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We can cause multiple injuries and damages. In a few cases, they even lead to death. Our truck accident lawyers have the background and experience to confidently fight on behalf of our clients for their legal rights and the results that they deserve. From primary depositions through to final court proceedings, our truck accident attorneys represent our clients’ best interest.

We have been representing the victims of severe truck accidents for years. The lawyers combined experience at our firm adds to hundreds of combined years of practice. We will examine the actual cause of the accident to find out if it was because of truck maintenance, driver negligence, driver fatigue, speed, failure to inspect, alcohol use, improper loading, sudden braking, tire blowouts, brake failure, warning devices or unsafe safety systems, failure to yield right of way, extensive work shifts, tailgating, jackknifing or unsafe roads conditions. Our lawyers will also examine the accident victim losses which include lost wages, medical expenses, future earnings, pain and suffering, future medical care, grief, mental suffering and sorrow, loss of life quality, and other probable damage claims.

We have successfully handled numerous cases from truck accidents and are readily available for consultations.